Konstigt? + Konstigare?

Graphic design for two children's books about art and creativity.

”Konstigt?” (meaning both "artsy?" and "wierd?" in swedish) is an art book for children and adults which consists of interviews with 16 different artists and creators who talk about their art and what it is like to be an artist. While my main responsibility during this project was the design and layout of the book, I was also involved in the selection of the artists, what work to showcase and the choice of photographer (Kolaco Kourouma).

→ Read the interview I did for Beckmans College of Design about the project.

Book Konstigt? and Konstigare?
Book Konstigare? Spread 1
Book Konstigare? Spread 2
Book Konstigare? Spread 3
Book Konstigare? Spread 4
Book Konstigare? Spread 5