Factual Colours

How can graphic design make complex information more accessible?
Factual Colours provides introductions to research through colour palettes.

There is a gap in how information and data are conveyed today. Many are interested in new research but the findings are not sufficiently accessible to those who do not have advanced knowledge in the field. This is my degree project where I wanted to explore new methods to simplify and visualise information that makes it easier to read and to comprehend.

The purpose of this project is to create reflection on how graphic design can make something more tangible and how colour can be a way to convey knowledge in a clear way.

Through a colour scheme and animated infographics, I have created an introduction to new research on how we humans affect the Earth’s water cycle and what the consequences are for the Earth’s system, climate and all living things. The viewer is invited to interact with a set of colours that individually represents a different stage of water through the water cycle. A summary of problems, causes and brief facts related to each colour is presented, with an aim to provide an increased understanding, and create interest in the subject.

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Music by: Elias Wirtén

Factual Colours Swatches

Factual Colours Swatches
Factual Colours Swatches